Why Tree Removal Is Necessary ?

Nearly everyone that owns or manages property will need to order tree removal service at some point. Tree problems can be exacerbated by waiting too long to remove a tree however, and the following issues make immediate tree removal necessary to avoid longer term problems:

Obstructive Trees – The leading cause of tree removal is obstruction of power lines, windows, into the path of traffic, etc. Trees slowly grow into harms way if not pruned properly, and eventually it is better to remove the tree and plant a new (& often different type of) tree.

Invasive Roots – Tree removal due to invasive roots can be done as both a preventative or reactionary measure. Damage from invasive roots can be extremely expensive when plumbing pipes or concrete walkways need to be fixed or replaced. Certain species of trees have roots that eventually grow strong enough to lift up entire walkways and break into plumbing. If this has happened on your property or your arborist has warned you about the roots of certain trees on your property, it is nearly always a good investment to have the trees removed before the damage is done.

Storm Damage – Storms knock down thousands of trees in populated areas every year in Australia. This means that storm clean ups always require tree removal in their aftermath. Much of this is emergency tree removal as trees can block roadways, fall on cars or property or otherwise impede daily life.