24/7 EmergencyResponse

Storm Damage Brisbane

South East Queensland is known for its fierce summer storms and Ekka winds. If trees or branches have come down on your property, our emergency response team are available 24/7 to make things safe, and then help return your property back to normal.

We are the preferred emergency response provider for many local councils, as well as government departments, simply because we are fast, safe and do a great job!

There will come a time, for many reasons, when your tree will become too large and in need of tree maintenance services. Tree Cleanup Specialists uses correct pruning techniques, which assists in preventing dieback and disease from infecting the tree. Correct pruning can enhance aesthetics, improve light filtration, reduce size and weight of a tree’s crown and alter the shape. When trimming or pruning, is carried out by a trained professional it will result in as little damage as possible and in some cases the life span of a tree may be prolonged.

Tree Safety Inspection and Solutions

Trees can become unsafe, particularly with the risk of tropical storms and strong winds in South East Queensland. At the first sign that something isn’t right with a tree on your property, call Tree Cleanup Specialists. We would be happy to discuss your concerns, take a look at the tree in question, and provide you with a free quote for any remedial work that is required. Don’t risk your safety or that of anyone else if you have concerns about a tree.